2014 Artist in Residence, Lux Institute, Encinitas, California

Concurrent with the gallery exhibition, Weber created new work in a studio partition of the gallery, and was available to engage with museum visitors. Her five-week residency broke attendance records for the institution.

Press: "Artist Ann Weber at work at Lux Art Institute," San Diego Union Tribune, November 24, 2014.


2014 and 2012 Visiting Artist and Scholars Program, American Academy in Rome

Large-scale wall sculptures were created from beautiful Italian cardboard scavenged from dumpsters. Inspiration came from the Laocoon sculpture in the Vatican Museum, the view outside Weber's 15-foot studio window overlooking the city, and the drapery of High Baroque sculpture.

"Extreme patterns in Bernini's drapery express spiritual passion. These shapes are not simply signifiers of clothing: in their abstract complexity the folds seem to preordain abstract expressionist art. By selecting details from his drapery in The Ecstasy of St. Teresa or the Angels with the Superscription, then magnifying these details, and executing them in cardboard, I explore this aspect of his work as a separate and complete entity."—AW

At the American Academy in Rome, filmmaker Nick Heller followed Visiting Artist Ann Weber on her daily rounds, scavenging cardboard boxes out of dumpsters, collecting ideas from architectural details and Bernini's sculptures, and creating sculpture in her studio.


2013 Artist in Residence, International School of Beijing, People’s Republic of China

International School of Beijing invited San Francisco-based sculptor Ann Weber to work with students to create a large-scale sculpture for the Beijing Global Initiatives Network Conference sponsored by the school. During her month-long residency, Weber and students in grades K–12 created a 22-foot collaborative sculpture entitled The Ripple Effect, that addresses the theme of water in today’s China.

Ann Weber and students creating The Ripple Effect, Beijing.


2010  Artist in Residence, de Young Museum of San Francisco

Each month, the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in Golden Gate Park invites one artist to take up residency in the Kimball Education Gallery. The artist of the month works on installations and talks to visitors. Weber also gave a gallery talk and held a workshop.

Press: "Ann Weber turns cardboard into art," San Francisco Chronicle, February 24, 2010


2010 Artist in Residence, Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, California

Ann Weber was a Lucas Artist in Residency Fellow at the Montalvo Arts Center. She was commissioned to create seven large-scale sculptures for the Sculpture on the Grounds exhibition "Natural and Creative Capital." She was assisted by volunteers from the community, artist friends and her father.


2007 Oberpfalzer Kunslerhaus Resident Artist Award, Schwandorf, Germany

Spending the month of September in the rural countryside of Bavaria, Weber was inspired by the nearby fields and farms and the produce of the countryside. It was the first time she used colored cardboard, which opened up a new world for her in the old world.


1999 Djerassi Resident Artist, Helen L. Bing Fellowship, Woodside California

In her very first artist residency, Weber created cardboard sculptures on an intimate scale and drawings on a very large scale.